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LAW_SCHOOL portrait black textResearch plays a central role in the life of the Law School, and is reflected in the publications of staff members, the engagement of staff at research conferences and a growing postgraduate research community.

Lincoln Law School continues to grow in size, and research is a primary driver of this development. These are exciting times to be involved in research at Lincoln Law School, where staff and students both recognise the value and importance of the research to the wider academic mission of the University. Staff are also engaged in consultancy and advisory work and have worked with charities, government departments, parliamentarians and international organisations. The School contributes to the wider research of the University, in particular the College of Social Science. Regular seminars allow colleagues across the College to explore areas of mutual interest. Research interests are wide-ranging, but there is particular expertise within the broad areas of International law, European law, and Human rights.  Current research includes work on health law, civil liberties, European social law and policy, corporate governance, dispute settlement, environmental law, and animal welfare law.  Work is also being done on comparative law and the pedagogy of legal teaching.

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Case Studies

The Legal Big Bang

In 2001 the Office of Fair Trading produced a report on uncompetitive practices in the legal professions. The report concluded by proposing partnerships between lawyers and specialists, and multidisciplinary partnerships between lawyers and people from different...

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Research Leads to Law Reform

The rights of people whose premises are subject to searches by officials other than the police have been strengthened following research carried out by Professor Richard Stone from the Lincoln Law School.   ‘Powers of entry’, or the right to legally enter a premises,...

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Investigating Human Rights

Dr Samantha Velluti, Reader of EU Law, has undertaken extensive research in the area of European Union (EU) governance and is a published author on the subject.   Her latest research is examining the role of the EU in the promotion of human rights and international...

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The Right to Water

The research, conducted by Lincoln Law School Lecturer Nathan Cooper focuses on marginalised communities in South Africa. Access to sufficient water is an internationally acknowledged right. South Africa is unusual in that this right is also protected in its national...

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International Law

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