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Welcome to our Lincoln Law Postgraduate Research Blog! Lincoln Law School is continuing to grow in size and research is a primary driver of this development. This blog was designed to share our experience as post graduate research students at Lincoln Law School.

Research interests in our postgraduate community are wide ranging, but some of the topics include: International Law, Human Rights, Corporate Social Responsibility, Refugee Protection, Environmental Law and the Responsibility to Protect. You can explore our profiles on the homepage for more information.

We will be posting exciting topics and experiences each month. You can follow our Twitter page at: @LincolnLawPGR to ensure that you never miss a post!





Recent Blog Posts

PhD procrastination

Procrastination means doing almost anything to avoid or delay doing the thing you are supposed to be doing. Often, we procrastinate when we are overwhelmed or fear failing the task at hand. We also procrastinate because it can be a fun or relaxing distraction....

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PGR self-isolation blog

Following the recent coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), Lincoln Law School has switched to online teaching and has advised its PGR students not to come onto campus for the time being. Many of us are therefore now working from home, sticking to government advise and...

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Top Tips for Transfer!

‘Transfer’ refers to the process whereby a PGR student ‘transfers’ from MPhil to PhD. The transfer process will usually take place after one year for full-time PGR students and after two years for part-time PGR students. The process at Lincoln Law School includes the...

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Following the annual Postgraduate Showcase Conference in February 2019, I was invited to turn my poster presentation into a paper to submit to E|mporium, which is the University of Lincoln’s postgraduate interdisciplinary journal. I immediately began to...

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