Welcome to our Lincoln Law Postgraduate Research Blog! Lincoln Law School is continuing to grow in size and research is a primary driver of this development. This blog has been designed to share our experience as postgraduate research students as well as our research at Lincoln with a wider audience.

This blog will cover a wide range of topics and experiences, from more academic posts about conferences, presentation days and publications through to specific posts about well-being, learning curves (including those awful moments of rejection and how to overcome them!) and making the most of your PhD at Lincoln. We are extremely fortunate that our Doctoral School supports the PGR community at Lincoln through putting on the annual Showcase Conference, running the inter-disciplinary postgraduate journal (E|mporium) and providing workshops throughout the year. This support extends to PGR Law at Lincoln, and each of these aspects mentioned above will be covered within this blog.

We are delighted to have a mix of PGR students at Lincoln, both on campus, off campus, full-time, part-time and abroad! This blog will encompass perspectives from all students (Home, EU and International) to give an in-depth overview of PGR life at Lincoln.

You can explore our PGR students’ profiles on the homepage, to see what exciting research each student is in the process of undertaking, who is supervising them and any relevant publications they may have. You will be able to contact our PGR students via email which can be found on their profile page should you have questions about their specific research.

Research interests within our PGR community are vast, but some of the topics include: International Law, Human Rights, Corporate Social Responsibility, Refugee Protection, Environmental Law and the Responsibility to Protect. At Lincoln Law, our PGR Lead Dr. Okoye hosts two PGR presentation days each year to enable our PGR community to present and discuss their research with the wider academic community within the Law School. We will be posting blogs covering these PGR presentation days to share with a wider audience (you!).

We will be posting monthly content on the blogs, follow our twitter account to make sure you never miss a post! Available at: @LincolnLawPGR. For any comments or questions, please refer to the contact tab on the homepage.